Hadith Humor

The Doctor’s order!

Islamic way of life is a way of LIFE. Thus, the scope of Islam and life should be fully convergent. As Islam is based on human nature, it also fully takes into account that nature in its entire dimension. As a reflection of many different types of extremities among us as Muslims, some have divorced Islam in search of their jest and fun. Others, due to their “love” for Islam, have purified Islam and their life from any jestful dimension: so, no fun or humor. 

The latter group is petrified by reminder from the Prophet Muhammad’s, “O followers of Muhammad! By Allah, if you knew what I know, you would weep much and laugh little.” [Sahih al-Bukhari, Vol. 8, #627]

Hadith like this is well-known and the unintended impact of such Hadith has been such that we forgot to have a sense of humor altogether. Indeed, the more religious we are, the less we laugh. On top of this, I have observed that the more religious and scholarly Muslims are, their faces are stiffer, even when they have their pictures taken. Life is more than just weeping and crying. There might be some proportionality, but there is plenty of lighter dimension of life as well. So, go ahead, cry a little, laugh a little.

I am not kidding. The Prophet (s) usually had a very friendly, inviting disposition. He smiled, and laughed as situations “naturally” warranted. Just like he did not try to artificially induce tears in his eyes, he did not suppress his laugh during situations that were humorous. Those Hadith that indicate Prophet’s (s) smile or laugh are very special to me, as those Hadith lightens me up when I need a little lift. Those Hadith also brightens my day every so often.

Some people’s face might have been stiff for so long that they might need a little bit of help and practice to laugh. Turn to one of the fascinating creatures of God for a little help. Click on our winged friend. Then, click on the clown, and you will get the hang of it!

There are also valuable lessons to be learned from these Hadith. Taking life and Islam with a balanced dose of jest is what the doctor – the Prophet (s) – ordered.

To first browse the list, continue below. To directly go to the texts of all the included Hadith, smile! Be like a Bee (Nahl; remember a surah by this name?)! Buzzzzzzzzzzz….., and click (you know where).  

  1. The Prophet used to smile, rather than laugh …
  2.     The Prophet’s smile and companions’ laughing sessions …
  3.     Go ahead and make your dear ones feel good.
  4.     You better be jestful with your family!
  5.     The Prophet (s) used to laugh too; sometimes till his front teeth were exposed…
  6.      Sometimes laughing is just not right…
  7.     The Prophet’s kiddy talk.
  8.     The Prophet’s CAMEL-LY talk.
  9.     The tale of a stubborn animal…
  10.     What is there to laugh about a good use of Qur’anic logic …?
  11.     The laugh at the case of an unyielding hapless chap …
  12.     A DOLLy conversation and a hearty laugh!…
  13.     At human ingenuity in attempt to fool Allah…
  14.     A drunken tale …
  15.     A pillow talk…
  16.     Troublesome thoughts?
  17.     A joyous dream….
  18.     Sneaking up on little Anas as a party spoiler…
  19.     A subtle practical humor?
  20.     No laughing mater! The unusual command to make parents laugh…
  21.     A romantic giggle?
  22.     A sneaky retaliation to the jestful Prophet (s)
  23.     Laughing teeth?
  24.     A PLAYful suggeston from the Prophet?
  25.     O Allah! Are you joking?
  26.     An entertaining donkey at the Prophet’s service?
  27.     A WHOLEsome joke!
  28.     Prophetic fun. What am I saying?
  29.     “Two ears” address!
  30.     The Prophet’s GLASSY talk!
  31.     The Prophet’s DUSTY talk!
  32.     Brotherly exchange of words!
  33.     Tale of a wonderful host!Lastly,   

Lastly,    Does even Allah have a sense of humor?