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"Enter Ye the G
arden ..." 

Of so many things in life 
That we come to know, 
Life in its own color palette 
Is quite like the rainbow. 

Sometimes we are sad 
Sometimes we are happy, 
Aren't we occasionally awake? 
At other times, simply nappy. 

Life is to be lived 
So let us not take it lightly, 
Yet every moment is worth living 
If you can take it sprightly. 

There will be tears of sadness 
And, yes, tears of joy, 
Also, laugh and plenty of smile, 
So, welcome life, zestful and ahoy! 

Take up life's color palette 
On the canvas of life, paint! 
We are supposed to be human 
Not like pure, perfect saint. 

Let us be creative and competent; 
To all, let us be fair, 
Let us be honest and decent 
No partisanship! Goodness we share. 

Those who seek change for the better 
with themselves they start to dare, 
beauty of the truth can't but touch others 
when we truly care!  

Remember each other in prayer 
As you are in mine, 
Yes, together we can make a difference 
Brighten our life, and shine. 

The Rabb's garden at Rainbow's end 
Invites me and you to enter, 
Wondering how to get into my website? 
Well, (on your left) click on the garden's  center. 


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