If we do not know each other already, it is a great pleasure to make your acquaintance on cyberspace.

If you have opened this page, then obviously you wanted to know a little bit more about me. There is not really a whole lot to write about myself. However, in this cyber age, the following information has already helped me tremendously to reconnect with many of my friends, acquaintances, former classmates and colleagues, and even relatives; in some cases, with friends and relatives, with whom I was not in touch for more than 20 years. That’s wonderful. Isn’t it?

I am an associate professor of economics and finance at Upper Iowa University (Fayette, Iowa) since 1995. I am also the Director of Institute of Entrepreneurial Studies at UIU since 2001.

Before that I was a faculty at Iowa Wesleyan College (Mt. Pleasant, Iowa) for 1992-95.

Before that I was a faculty with the Department of Economics at Western Illinois University (Macomb, Illinois) for 1989-92. It was during this period that I got intimately involved with several of my Bangladeshi contacts in the formation of North American Bangladeshi Islamic Community (NABIC). I also was involved in the formation of North American Association of Muslim Professionals and Scholar (NAAMPS). Another milestone during this period was the birth of our second daughter. She was such a genuine gift from Allah that we named her Nawaal (meaning, gift).

During 1988-89 I spent a year at the University of California-Berkeley as Ciriacy-Wantrup Postdoctoral Fellow. I was affiliated there with the Energy & Resources Group, an interdisciplinary department offering doctoral program. As a post-doctoral fellow I also spent some time with the Institute of Appropriate Technology, BUET (Dhaka, Bangladesh).

During 1983-88 I attended the University of Tennessee (Knoxville, Tennessee) and earned PhD in economics from there in 1988. While visiting Bangladesh in 1984 I got married to my beloved Nahid Nahar Khuku (to me, Khukumoni). She is from the beautiful city of Chittagong. She is a graduate of history from the Chittagong University. Before coming to the United States, she also worked as an announcer with Radio Bangladesh, Chittagong.

The joy of our matrimony was soon overwhelmed by the most precious gift from Allah, our first daughter. She was so beautiful, we called her Nawaar (meaning, flower) Binte Farooq. During these years in Knoxville, I also worked part-time with the Energy and Economic Analysis Section of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The years I spent in Knoxville seemed to have been most productive as many other involvements in my life grew out of my Knoxville connection.

During 1982-83 I attended University of Central Florida (Orlando, Florida) and earned M.A. in Applied Economics.

During 1981-82 I attended Troy State University (Troy, Alabama) and earned my second bachelor degree in Business. By the way, it was in March 1981 when I first came to the United States.

In Bangladesh I earned my first bachelor degree (BSS) from the Department of Economics of Dhaka University. I was there between 1979-81. I used to live in Salimullah Muslim Hall. The Salimullah Muslim Hall’s team, of which I was a member, won the National TV Debate Championship in 1979. The same team also won the DU Inter-hall Debate Championship in 1980 defeating Shamsunnahar Hall’s elite team consisting of Rumana Ahmed, Nashid Kamal, and someone else I don’t remember. That was quite an interesting debate, as a lot of DU students took interest in the final event.

From Adamjee Cantonment College I earned HSC in 1976. From the same institution I earned SSC in 1974.

I am originally from Sirajganj, Pabna. My grandparents live in Chinadhukuria, Shahjadpur. I attended Victoria High School in Sirajganj till 1973. My father, a retired army physician, used to live in Azad Kashmir until the repatriation in 1973. My family at that time, my mother, Momtaj Begum (see a dedicated page under My Misc.), my elder sister Shamim Shamsi and younger sister Helen Shamsi used to live in Sirajganj, while my father worked in Azad Kashmir. He was among the first Bengali-speaking officers in Azad Kashmir.

I guess that’s enough for now. I will update with more later, insha’Allah. Indeed, more about my interest and some other pertinent matters are already under the link, My Misc.

May God shower his abounding mercy and blessing upon you and your dear ones. Please remember me and my dear ones in your prayer. Best wishes and fi amanillah.

Mohammad Omar Farooq

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